Welcome to my website.
The images you find here are a culmination of the various avenues of photography I have persued during my 20 years as a photographer; they are the footprints of my entire photography experience.
A snapshot of my experiences, after graduating with a degree in Advertising Design And Photography includes owning and operating two photography studios, traveling the world for scenic photography, covering First Lady, Hillary Clinton's "Victory 2000" senate race, for the New york campaign headquarters, shooting the World Trade Center disaster, for the Associated Press, Fashion Week for the Washington Examiner and The New York Post and shooting for EFE, a worldwide Spanish News and Wire Service, covering such events as a Nike TV promotion with Don King and Tennis champ Rafael Nadal, to a envronmental presentation by Brazilian President Lula.

My photography represents my understanding of the art itself. "the recording of light on film". It is a view of my awareness of "light", its characteristics, color temperatures, how it can be reflected, diffused, controlled, and most importantly, the moods it can set.

Embrace the concept of "light as paint", and you embrace the art of photography.

I will continue to persue my love for photography until I can no longer see the light.

- Nicholas Fanelli.
(914) 564-6021

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